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Functional Training

Functional training deals with special exercises that doesn`t train just individual muscles, but where several muscles interact. Your own body becomes the fitness equipment – you train with your own body weight.

Simple and efficient

We will teach you exercises to strengthen your body that help improve your movement flow. The great thing about functional training is that is suitable for all ages and is really fun! There are a variety of erxercises and the duration is completely adapted to your own personal wishes and training goals. You can either train privately with a personal trainer or in a group of up to 5 people. In either case, all exercises are individual according to your needs and we make sure your doing the right training.

The functional training takes place in the SPORT BOX and when the weather is nice outdoors.

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  • Slackline in the garden

    Ever tried slacking? We have a slackline on our property. For beginners and those with experience too.

  • Brain + movement = better results. Curious? We can introduce you to this innovative training method.

  • Whether you are a professional athlete or just wanting to experiment with a new sport – Michael is available for you during your holiday.