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Life Kinetics in your holiday

Life Kinetics is a new form of training that combines gentle movements with brain jogging. It is especially fun to try out new kinds of exercise on your vacation. Michael is a certified Life Kinetics trainer and can show you how it is done. Private or group sessions are possible and take about 45 minutes. 12 sessions are recommended for best results. We offer a 20 minute trial course for free just to get introduced to Life Kinetics. Private or group trainings with maximum of 12 people.

What is Life Kinetics?

In Life Kinetics you are given tasks that are not incorporated in everyday life, juggling and balancing for example. Exercises will be practiced and your brain challenged. Through the unusual exercises they make new connections with the brain. The more you do the exercises the higher the success and reaction abilities. Short and sweet: Life Kinetics is braintraining through movement. The exercises are fun and you can`t go wrong.

Who is it for? What is it good for?

Life Kinetics is perfect for every age group, young and old. In the stress of everyday life, you really can profit from this total trainings form.

  • The success in professional sports increases.
  • Career people will become more stress resistant.
  • Creativity and concentration increases with kids (example in school).
  • The perception in senior citizens will be supported.

One hour training per week is enough. After only a short time you will notice a difference, many professional athletes utilize this training method to optimize their performance.

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