• Morgenkick für einen aktiven Start
  • Morgenkick in den Bewegten Bergen
  • Morning Kich with Michael
  • Kneipp in the cold creek water

Morning kick

An active start to your day to get you going. Get moving and take it all in! You will be astounded how positively this wakes you up. The morning kick with Michael takes 60 minutes ans is offered year round.

A good start to your day

We meet before breakfast (the time will be individually arranged). After a nice warm-up we get going. First we walk a bit, then an easy run. If the weather allows, barefoot through the dewy grass. Along the way we will Kneipp in the cold creek water. This activates your organs, circulation and lymph system. In addition, we will show you how to train the arches of your feet.

For the ultimate kickstart in winter – we run over snow and ice-crystal covered meadows. This wakes you up and keeps you young!

Even if you are a morning grump – use this chance on your holiday to try out something new. The morning kick is definitely worth a try.

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