• Slackline in the garden
  • Slacklinen mit Bergpanorama
  • Slackline im Wald
  • Bewegte Berge
  • Slacking in the nature
  • Slackline fun
  • Slacklinen - gute Übung auch für Kinder


Have you ever observed the cool guys and girls in the park balancing on a rope tied to two trees? You always wanted to try it out? Your holiday with us is a perfect opportunity to give it a try! We will introduce this trendy sport to you and how you can get from Point A to Point B without losing your balance.

Slacking – more than a trend

Balancing on the dynamic slackline improves concentration and coordination – you are constantly challenged, your movements actively to balance. That`s why slacking is great additional training to every form of sport. A wonderful feeling of balance is the basis for climbing, skiing, snow boarding or horse back riding.

Two tightened slacklines are in place in our garden for your daily practice. If you desire, we can also use the slackline somewhere in nature. Your welcome to bring your own slackline with you. Just let us know any requests or wishes upon booking.

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