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About me

“The joy in sport – that is my motivation”

My name is Michael and I am a passionate athlete and trainer. I want to pass on my passion – during your holiday in our apartments and then on.

Successful experiences = motivation = sustainability

For me motivation and enjoyment in sport is the key to success. Whether you are a professional athlete, practicing a hobby or wanting to try a new sport – we have an individual program for you. Take something home with you. . . I can give you some great tips that you can incorporate in your every day life. You will see the sucess after every session will motivate you to continue. Through our Newsletter you will receive tips and exercise suggestions.

I have over 8-years of experience in professional sports. I realize that above everything coordination counts the most. That why I have developed a special program with Life Kinetics to optimate your coordination potential.


  • 4 semester sports teacher education in Vienna in major Triathlon and Trainer for general body education
  • D-Trainer Ski Alpin
  • Life Kinetics Trainer
  • Juggling Trainer
  • Trainer course from former speed coach Mike Antoniades from FC Chelsea
  • Internship Sports Medicine Bad Hofgastein

After completing my degree in Vienna, I worked as a trainer in a Fitnessclub and as an conditioning trainer for the Salzburg Ski Association as well as in the Ski Hotel School in Bad Hofgastein. From 2009 to 2014 I was coordinations trainer for an international Ski Association where I was responsible for the yearly plan, the preparation of the racing season and care of the athletes during races.
I look forward to your inquiries.

Currently I work as a trainer for junior athletes.

> I am looking forward to your request

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